The shame of our country

Many of my country worship women as goddesses, Devi. And then, rape them.

Arifa, an 8-yr old child in Kashmir’s Kathua was kidnapped, drugged, kept in a temple, gang raped for seven days, and finally killed by some men.

These men have a religion. They betrayed it when they took procession in support of the rapists, and shouted Jai Sri Ram.

The Hindu Ekta Manch, another of the many groups of the poisonous sangh pativar, destroying our country, had taken the lead in obstructing justice for Arifa. It happens that Arifa was born as a human being and a girl, but on a Muslim home. That’s the only fault.

Since the ministers and party workers of the ruling alliance in Jammu &Kashmir, BJP, are the accused in this heinous crime, the Hindu extremist organisation came in open support of the accused. Lawyers blocked filing of FIR against the accused. Ministers made nasty remarks against the victim and defended the rapists in the Assembly. The State government, led by a woman, with the support of the communal BJP, forgot that she was a human being and a woman. She also forgot that she was elected and had pledged to protect the citizens.

In another corner of they country, the most populous state Uttar Pradesh has once again proved why that is a goonda raj, and why it elected an unfit fake religious priest as its Chief minister. Another 17 year old girl was gang raped brutally by an elected MLA Kulbhushan Sengora. The crime was hidden for nearly a year. When she lodged a complaint, the police of the lawless state refused to lodged an FIR.

finally, the victim tried committing suicide in front of the incompetent Chief minister. That’s when the crime came to light.

The police were quick to act – against the victim’s father. They arrested him after the MLA’s brother best him up black and blue, for demanding justice against the political neta. Finally, the man was killed in police custody.

BJP leaders, including its most vocal women leaders, went to town defending the crime and the criminal. Our most vocal, obsessively talkative prime minister of Gujarat notoriety, maimed maintained a strategic silence. We saw that he had not list his speech ability. But he likes not speak when his own partymen violate Human Rights against any dalit, tribal minority or woman. So this was expected of a man wedded to power and anti minority and anti dalit sentiment.

It’s nice to see the two children have united they country around human Rights.

I only hope that the fight sees its logical end.


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