In the bosom of mother nature

A visit to Shimla has been a God-sent for me, this summer. This is one of the most beautiful and cleanest cities I have seen and lived in, be it in India or in Europe or in America. Such a lovely place. Even in scorching Indian summer, the city remains lush green. It’s a treat to the eyes.

[The monk and his mobile – at Dharamshala, the main Tibetan temple, a Buddhist monk is engrossed in his mobile. On the right is the statue of Buddha – a bit of uneven framing is regreted]

It has been a God-sent for me also because I have been able to meet a lovely bunch of academicians and researchers from the varied fields of social sciences and humanities. We struck the right chord from day one. It is a replenishing place and replenishing group. We feel so much one with one another.

[The snow-capped mountain – Himalaya, behind Dharamshala; the sight looks beautiful in this lovely weather. On the right is the shoot of a tree in the backdrop of snow]

And then, I was privileged to visit Dharmashala, the Tibetan Seat of religion and power-secretariat in India. It was my second visit, after the 2010 visit on Community Radio work.

Thanks to Nihar from Rourkela for his company. In spite of the horrible bus journey, we enjoyed our visit to Mcleodganj (Tulna Viewpoint), Dal Lake, Tea Gardens, Avalokiteshwari Temple (The Tibetans’ main deity), HPCA – the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association cricket ground, and many other things.

Should I say, eating momos is my favourite! The day of full of momos and momons – a variety of momos – veg and non-veg. And what else!

[Dal Lake in Mcleodganj – Though the original Dal Lake is in Kashmir, this is another by the same name. The small lake is not maintained well. But you can see the huge fish happily swimming in the dirty water!]

After a very long time, I got a chance to use my camera and go on a clicking binge! Since I loved the nature, the environs, the people, and the place, I ensured I could spend sometime clicking pictures, even though the driver was in a hurry to reach back! Here are a few pictures from my visit to Dharamshala. There are many more.


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