HECI – the New education regulator to replace University Grants Commission

The Central Govt headed by Narendra Modi is now off to destroy higher education. After interfering primary and secondary education, it has set it eyes firm on higher education, where ideas are generated. Amazing how he and his minister who heads the Human Resources Development ministry, under which the University Grants Commission or UGC comes, are determined to interfere and politicise the UGC and the entire landscape of higher education. It is to be noted the most of the ministers in the present government are neither qualified to hold such high profile portfolios nor have the calibre to; but they have been tinkering with higher education ever since they assumed office in 2014.

After announcing that the ruling BJP would do away with all the higher educational bodies like UGC, AICTE, MCI and others, and getting bombarded by the public, finally the Union Government gave up their plans to interfere with all the streams; instead they have now focused only on fomal higher  education.

Can you believe, of the 12 members in the Higher Education Councion of India’s governance structure, a maximum of two academicians are to be had? A majority of them are bureacrats, and a few whom the government wants. It means, most of them could be from the Right Wing, who think cloning and grafting and satellites and internet started thousands of years ago in India.

When the draft of the Act was announced Deccan Chronicle contacted me for my comments. Here is the feature on it:


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