Pioneer of New Wave Indian Cinema is no more

30 Dec. For the world of illusions, the year ends on a dark note – the light that brightened the dark hall of cinema, has left us darker still. From the reality of physicality, he becomes a memory of aesthetic subtlety. Mrinal Sen, the pioneer who  heralded the New Wave Indian Cinema, is no more. At the ripe, mature age of 95, the doyen of Indian cinema blinked for the one last time.

Why Mrinal Sen Is Credited With Pioneering India's 'New Wave' Cinema

For those of us who equated history of Indian cinema with Mrinal-da, Manik-da (Satyajit Ray), and Ritwick Ghatak, Mrinal-da was last of the Bengali triumvirate, the torch-bearer of good quality Indian cinema, who created and carried forward the legacy of the silver screen, and brought to it some sense of dignity and name at the international level. Beginning with his path-breaking Bhuvan Shome (1969), Mrinal-da ensured that Indian cinema was not lef to the merchants of copycat-Bollywood, rather showed that there was too much beyond the dark world of make-believe tinsel town.

Rest in peace, Mrinal-da! May your breath fill the Indian cinema with the passion you created that magic of aesthetic reality.

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