Anti-Social Media and Predatory Behaviour of the Right Wing

Social media has been spoken of as the grass-root democracy. When the common man woman couldn’t find a voice on the legacy media, social media came as a savior of the ordinary people.Twitter

But over the last few years, the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, blogs and other platforms have become vicious tools in the hands of the bling right-wing, Modi-worshippers to attack and abuse people of reason and sanity.

India’s finest TV journalist Barkha Dutta is a case of point. In the last four days, she has been hounded and abused and threatened and humiliated in the most uncivilised manner by the uncouth elements masquerading as pseudo-naitonals.

Disburbingly, the abusers’ Twitter handles show that many of them are followers of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Their phone calls to Barkha orginate from the ruling party BJP’s offices. And the ruling party, with plenty of “respect for women” (and the hollow slogan “Beti Bachao Beti Padao”; = save girl child, educate girl child) does absolutely nothing about it.

(The PM’s followers are notorious for abusing women and minorities; And the PM follows some of these most notorious fellows, back on Twitter!)Twitter BJP

Barkha Dutt has been on the receiving end of these right wing fellows for a very long time because she has a daring journalistic past of questioning people in power, especially those involved in 2002 Gujarat carnage.

Now, some people have got hold of her private phone number and have shared it openly on social media, and a few criminals are sending her pornographic messages, making thousands of video calls, abusive messages, threat messages, rape-threats, and all that despicable stuff, unheard of in a civilised society.

Look at the language they use on public domain – such disgusting, pornographic, vulgar, uncivilised language. No civilised society can tolerate such language, let alone democratically elected, educated leaders.

It is disgusting.Twitter

And the ruling government led by BJP, its mascot Narendra Modi, and the party president Amit Shah are absolutely dumb about it.

So much for a “strong India”, ‘make in India’, ‘stand up India’ ‘skill India’, etc. hollow slogans. Is that progress and nationalism?


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