War in TV News Rooms & in Election Rallies

After the Feb. 14 attack on our CRPF convoy in Pulwama of Kashmir, the public domain is not the same, anymore.

The attack, claimed by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad, left 44 of our jawans dead, and many injured.

It is a dastardly act, to be condemned by everyone with some sense of humanity. No attack, no death, no killing is desirable.

Intelligence agencies have said that they had alerted the government of the possible attack on a CRPF convoy, and seemingly no action was taken to ensure the safety our jawan who fight for our safety. While I can’t speak about the role of people in this, I surely can’t keep quiet about the role of Indian news media.

Most of our news television and newspapers have come under severe attack by international media, academiciains, thinkers, and people with some brains, for its high-decibel campaign for a war against Pakistan.

The news media’s role is to work for peace, and not lobby for war. Our news media, espcially led by television news channels (also called NOISE-Dabbas) went to town with fake sentiments of patriotism and nationalism, while they themselves did not go out of the comforts of the AC studios. I wish all of them could go to the border area, and guard the border for a couple of months, and give a short break to our jawans,  to be with their friends and family.

Social media was worse – the boiling of sentiment looked as if the social media #bhakts (brainless bots with a political agenda) was already fighting across the border! But, of course, it is all “clictivism” or “forwards war” or “tweet war”. If wars were to be won over social media, there would be war everyday, and our shameless blind #bhakts would win it hands down!

Alas! None of the blind bhakts goes to the border to fight  a war or even to offer  a glass of water to our soldiers who are fighting. Worse, even journalists joined this blind call for the war and revenge and avenging and ‘badla’!

How TV anchors wrapped themselves in the tricolour and proudly cheered India’s latest aerial strike in Pakistan, unmindful of its consequences

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