A Date with Monkeys (& Langurs)

You may be familiar with Shimla-chillies (Capsicum). But there is another side to it: Shimla is a monkey-city. Known for its monkeys and grey-langurs. That Shimla is a hilly-green town, the presence of monkeys and langurs is a given.

These monkeys and langurs could be dangerous. And if you are not careful, you could be at the receiving end of the monkeys!Monkey

Personally, I get very fascinated with monkeys and their expressions. Their little ones -more than anything else- fascinate me no ends.

So, when I came here to Shimla last year, I  had brought my camera, and was gloriously going around with it clicking.

With my fascination for monkeys and langurs, it is only to be expected that many of my pictures would be these primates.Langur

One evening, I was going for a walk (last year), with six-seven friends of mine. In a place, in the campus, a monkey was feeding her baby. And I was very close to this maternal scene – about 5-10 feet away. I took my zoom lens camera and aimed at them; and all hell broke lose! The monkey jumped at me – almost ON me! When a scared me, picked up a stone (and my friends were petrified!) – immediately, other monkeys gave a war cry, and there appeared scores of monkeys from nowhere (should I say, I actually believed in the Vanara-sena or the monkey-army of the Ramayana!?)  My friends insisted that I drop down the stone, and I did. And monkeys understood that. Shivering I walked away, with my terrified friends, and a disappointed camera.Monkey2

This time, when I touched my feet in Shimla, the first thing I remembered was that event – since there were those monkeys and langurs in different places to welcome me! How could I not remember it? To my surprise, the first question my friends  asked me was, ‘Do you remember how these monkeys terrified you, last year?’ Oh, God!

Today, I had somewhat a similar experience; this time not with camera. I was just walking towards the dining room for lunch, with my friends, busy chatting. And that experience re-visited us!

That is for the next post!

Till them, au revouir!

(Photo credits: Google pictures)

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