Thank God! Noisy, violent elections are over

Finally, one part of these General Elections to the Parliament of India are over. I mean the dirty shouting and screaming, forgetting that they are leaders. Screaming in the name of democracy and ‘nation’, but actually fighting shamelessly for power.

These two-three months, from the time the shameless politicians started anticipating elections, have been a trauma for any decent Indian, to see how their shameless netas, spreading lies, propaganda, and abusing rivals in the worst language that anyone can imagine. Is this a civilised country? Or are these the Palaeolithic times, when wild animals tore one another apart for mere survival? I am not too sure.

Anyway, now that the campaign is over, there is less pollution in the air. On Sunday (19 May) there is the last phase of elections – voters in the remaining 59 (of the 543) constituencies  will decide on their representatives who will fleece them for the next five years (or may be less, if no party gets majority, this time). But candidates are not supposed to canvas or have rallies.

And on 23rd May, the results will be out. I hope some well-meaning, decent party will get an absolute majority and form the government (I know this is wishful thinking, at a time when everyone is predicting a hung parliament).

Afterall, as a citizen, what do I want? Only some overall development for all irrespective of caste, class, education, gender, geography, and language. I want jobs for the teeming millions, who are wasting their time and energy in streets, hoping for a brighter future. I want peace and harmony, so that everyone can live without fear – irrespective of their identity and affiliation. I want freedom to express my legitimate opinions and expressions. I want a humane country – vasudaiva kutumbakam.

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