Random thoughts on leadership

It’s been a while since I updated my blog. After I returned from Shimla, the College reopened, and it’s been crazy hectic. Full-time teaching (which I loooooove!), active involvement in the Department matters, involvement with Research Centre, and my own research! And then there are other non-credited works and responsibilities/ issues dumped on me, for all the sweat and labour it takes, hence dumped on me since those supposed to do them don’t know how to do.

Something like this: our politicians in Delhi occupy chairs power. But most of them know nothing of what it entails to be a minister. Dumb! It is the bureacrats who know, have to do all the hard work, sweat and labour for it, but get no credit for all the great work they do.  But their criminal, notorious leaders walk with all the credit, without even acknowledging the people who slog for it, often kicking them away!

How many of our leaders deserve to be leaders? I wonder even if 5%-10% merit it. Many have criminal cases slapped against them, many on counts of rape and murder,  terror, and even planting bombs! Some have tasted jails for their crimes (though those who have manipulated rules & escaped outnumber those who were found guilty!) But to every right thinking citizen’s dismay, such unfit, cheap fellows are made leaders! With such pathetic leadership and the citizenry which tolerates such inefficient, unprofessional, nasty, criminal leaders, you can’t expect any institution to survive. All such institutions will die a painful death – be it politics, democracy, religion or culture.

I am of the firm belief, if institutions die, it is because of the crime of their leaders, and not because of outside elements. Our leaders, those who keep preaching to others, have absolutely no sense of God, the divine, the constitution, morals and ethics.

And our leaders don’t work at all – they enjoy power and benefits at the cost of those poor workers; they only pretend to work. They keep lobbying for themselves and their further benefits, and call it ‘work’. Of course, they hoard plenty of power and money at the cost of the loyal workers/ citizens. That’s why they keep on creating rules & regulations for others (not for themselves!)

Be sure, these are random thoughts, not against specific individuals; but which spring from a deep concern for our country, democracy, and its institutions, including religion and religious leaders.


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