In the Social Media Age, Comment is Free…but

It is the social media age. And anyone can post anything. Almost everyone feels empowered to express oneself, even when the post is not verified for veracity.

So you see people posting all sort of things – text, pictures, memes, audio, and video. Now, it makes you feel great to post whatever strikes you, without the fear of being “edited” or verified or the anxeity of worrying if your comment would be published or no, if yes, when etc which was typical of the analog, legacy media age. Consequently, even a little child who sits quietly in front of its teacher in the class or parents at home, posts some of the most profound, tall, huge posts – makes for a genius!

The one I read today was really profound: Happiness is a choice, not a result! Very good! To begin with.

But that does not give any authority to impose their choices on you – be it governments or leaders (in whatever fields – be it social/ cultural/ economic/ or religion which thrives on God & the other-worldly sanctions!) I fear them, even when happiness is my choice. I fear them because I have seen some nastiest fellows making hay in the name of nation and god!

So, when you live in a society, I can’t afford to be too idealistic and philosophical, much less pios about these. The more naive you are, the more ignorant leaders without qualms of conscience exploit you! Be careful!

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