Nostalgia – Break it in Goa

I spent a couple of relaxing days in Goa.

There is something special about Goa. Not that I am exceptionally fond of beaches and water, having been born in a land full of rivers and sea-shores and beaches. In my childhood, if I had to go to the school/ church or return, I had to be fully inundated in the Phalguni river. As kids, we hanged to our dad’s/ brother’s/ uncles/ neighbour’s shoulders, while allowing ourselves to float at the expense of our benefactor who helped us cross the river! Books and our clothes with him, and we would (like baby monkeys!) hung on his shoulders, and let our legs freely float in the water, as he walked through the neck-deep waters! That was fun.

Of course, not always! I have lost a few cousins and relatives who were washed out in that river, too both while crossing, as well as when trying some (mis)adventures.

And of course, you couldn’t speak anything less about the torrential rains of Mangalore/ coastal Karnataka/ Western Ghats! They would just pour down, as if gods were angry with us, even as we -kids- loved getting drenched!

That’s all nostalgia now! We long for drinking water in the change climate.

Some rare torrential rains in Goa -this time- were a nice experience. And the full seas! I love watching the ever-coming waves. But never enjoy getting into the troubled-waters! Especially, if someone mad for seas is with me! That makes me over-cautious.

Besides the seas and the water, I loved the scenery. Its’ lush green Goa! That is really refreshing. I happened to be South Goa. And that is the most wonderful part of Goa (not Panaji or Calangute or Anuna, please!)

South is less polluted, less populated by tourists. So, you have much cleaner weather, cleaner air, clearer waters, and less people to bump into you.

Loved it.

I have a few pictures of the Goa’s scenery; that is for a later date, when I transfer them to my computer, to upload!

Thanks for all that lovely experiences!

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