Creighton University President at Joseph’s

Prof Daniel Hendrickson SJ, President, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska, was with us yesterday.

Thanks to the good work done by Rene Padilla, my counterpart at CU, and his Program Coordinator Krista Cupich, our partnership has blossomed.

Personally, I have been doing this work of International Collaboration or Global Initiatives for my college, St Joseph’s in Bangalore, for the last four years.

Ever since, it’s been a very hard, unrecognized work. Plenty of emails, documentation, meetings, follow ups, hosting foreign delegations, writing and modifying MOUs, reminding leadership about them and getting legal sides of them, any number of botherations.

Our collaboration with Seattle University, Washington State, has worked wonderfully well. Then, Sunway University Kuala Lumpur. Washington State University has been more or less one sided. Working with Creighton University has been wonderful.

Now, after this MOU, I will be visiting them. From there , it will be an exploration of Seattle further. And new explorations of a few others like Chicago, Boston, New York, and finally Georgetown in Washington DC, if SJC can benefit.

With all this, I hope, our institutions and their students benefit much.

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