Back to rains of childhood days

[Due to poor connectivity, I had to delete pictures, I will upload them when possible]

It had been a few years since I saw the rains of my childhood days.

I left my home town, well it’s a village, a few decades ago. Though I visited it almost every year or two, I didn’t get to experience the rains of my childhood.

Those non stop, incessant, merciless rains. I remember days when , we as school children, did not have to attend school for 10-20 days because it was raining heavily and continually. Though we enjoyed getting drenched, we made quite a bit of fuss to attend school. And now my nephew enjoyed the same fun. My sis-in-law told me he has had “rain holidays” for the last one week! Those were the type of rains of my childhood.

Well, I had missed those golden days.

Today, on 09 Aug 2019, I am in my lush green village. And it’s raining. My driver (well, it’s my brother!) couldn’t see the road ahead properly due to poor visibility. Rains were lashing out mercilessly from all sides. Those were the type of rainy days of my childhood.

When I reached home, my sister-in- law complained even though the windows were firmly closed, the room was filled, nay inundated, with water. That’s the type of rain of my childhood.

After lunch, I slept for a while. But by the time I could steal forty winks, massive peels of explosive thunder and lightning disturbed my tired mind. And it went on. That was the type of rainy days of my childhood I had revisited.

And of course, when you have a cell phone, you need electricity. That’s the world of my adulthood. My cell battery eased running out. I felt helpless. There was no electricity. My sister-in-law told me they have been living in darkness for the last few days since these incessant rains started. Occasionally they would get a blink of electricity, and back to power shutdown or breakdown. There’s not been electricity for long. That’s the type of rainy days of my childhood.

And I love it all.

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