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World cup cricket 2015: Spot ad rates soar ahead of quarter-final

Amid India’s stellar run in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup, advertisers are queuing to get ad-spots on STAR India channels broadcasting the tournament.

Spot rates for the India-Bangladesh quarter-final (scheduled for March 19) have increased 15 per cent; advertisers could end up paying as much as Rs 15 lakh for a 10-second spot during the match. The increase in the rates is primarily due a good performance by the Indian team so far, the fact that both teams are from the sub-continent, and not many spots are available on the standard definition feed, while the high-definition feed is sold out.

On Saturday, India beat Zimbabwe by six wickets to maintain its unbeaten record in the 2015 World Cup.

“This is an example of intelligent ad sales by the STAR India team. After India won the match against South Africa and it was more or less guaranteed a place in the quarters, the STAR team packaged the remaining league matches with the quarter-final. As such, much of the quarter-final inventory was already sold. Whatever is left is bound to go at a premium. It’s a simple application of demand and supply,” says a source associated with STAR and its partners.

Basabdutta Chowdhury, chief executive of Platinum Media, part of the Madison Group, says, “As India progresses in the tournament, there will be some escalation in price for those wanting to invest in the coming matches. This escalation will be to the tune of 10-15 per cent. Most (last-minute advertisers) have factored this in.”

However, some media planners say the escalation is actually to the tune of 20-25 per cent, as they expect last-minute spots to be sold for nothing less than Rs 15 lakh/10 seconds. Some media planners say they expect ad rates to be even higher – in the range of Rs 16-18 lakh/10 seconds – for those desperately seeking to be involved with the India-Bangladesh match.

Advertisers who took the plunge at the beginning of the tournament are reaping the benefits of their conviction. The 49-match World Cup package for advertisers and/or sponsors on STAR channels had spot rates of Rs 4.5-5.5 lakh, with a commitment of at least Rs 20 crore. In case one wanted to buy the same package but only for regional channels, it would cost the advertiser Rs 3.5-4 lakh, with a commitment of at least Rs 5 crore. For those seeking to buy inventory for the six India league matches alone, the price was Rs 25-30 crore, at Rs 6.5-12 lakh for a 10-second spot, depending on the number of feeds and the HD/SD option chosen.

STAR India’s ad sales team quickly adapted to Team India’s changing fortunes, ensuring better returns on investment from ad sales revenue for the network.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground, which hosted the India-South Africa match, will host the India-Bangladesh quarter-final. With a capacity of 100,000, it is expected the ground will see a huge turnout.

The ICC travel website has a package for resident and visiting fans. At A$350 (Rs 16,864.23) a person, the package includes an official ticket (category A) for the match and a two-night stay at the Crown Metropol (5-Star). Those looking for a budget trip can choose the A$162 (Rs 7,805) option, which offers a category-C ticket and a one-day city travel pass. The match ticket can be upgraded to category-B at an extra charge of A$45 (Rs 2,168.28) and to category-C at A$110 (Rs 5,300).

Standalone tickets for the quarter-final cost A$20.35 (Rs 980) for children, while tickets for adults range from A$50.87 (Rs 2,451) to A$162.8 (Rs 7,844), depending on the area chosen. Standalone tickets are also available at; these tickets range from Rs 1,294 to Rs 3,92,658 for a box of eight seats.

Those keen on a luxurious outing at the stadium could opt for one of the many hospitality packages offered by the ICC Hospitality portal. These include platinum lounge tickets (which include a premium ticket for each guest, grazing menu served through the day/night, a continuous premium beverage service, entertainment and a match programme at A$990 (Rs 47,700) a person. Premium buffet tickets (which offer a premium ticket to each guest, a hot/cold buffet and morning tea/afternoon tea/supper, a premium beverage service, entertainment and a match programme at A$790 (Rs 38,065) a person.

Those travelling with a large number of friends/family could book private suites, with a premium ticket for each guest, a variety of plated, grazing and buffet catering options, a premium beverage service and match programmes. The capacities of the suites are across 10 variations – 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 32, 48 and 50 seats apiece. At the time of going to print, private suites with 20, 22, 24, 48 and 50 seats were already sold out. While a 10-seater private suite costs A$10,100 (Rs 4,86,653), a 32-seater suite costs A$27,580 (Rs 13,41,911).
India vs Bangladesh
Date: March 19
Venue: Melbourne Cricket Ground
Capacity: 100, 000
Ad-rates: Rs 15-18 lakh per 10-second spot
Number of brand associations: 70
Standalone ticket price: A$20.35 (Rs 980.53) to A$62.8 (Rs 7844.28) on ICC’s official ticket portal; Rs 1294 a ticket to Rs 392, 658 for a box of eight seats on
Source: ICC official website for CWC 2015 and industry sources
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I, The Convert | Anand Mahadevan

India is dogged by conversion (also “reconversion”, though call it an eco-friendly “home-coming” or “ghar wapsi”!). Within the “conversion” narrative lie the lies of forced conversion by the right wing saffron brigade. And lies, literally – a singer called sing at a ‘cultural’ programme, and after the show was over, publicise it as ‘converted back’ to Hinduism!
When the marginalised embrace an institutionalised religion, they call it ‘forced conversion’, and ‘conversion by inducement’; but when they politically and physically force poor Christians and Muslim (and even literally bluff them), they say, ‘ghar wapsi’! Do only dalits (scheduled castes), tribals, poor, illiterate and ignorant embrace Christianity, or also those “enlightened” ones?

What does this grandson of a Brahmin priest say?

I, The Convert | Anand Mahadevan.

Coalition Against Immoral Policing

31 Dec. Even as many people were busy bidding goodbye to the old year or “welcoming” the new year, students of St Joseph’s Evening College Bangalore and a few social activists made it a memorable evening at St Joseph’s College Autonomous by launching Coalition Against Immoral Policing (CAIP).The launch was to take on the Immoral, self-styled Police of our society, who impose their own patriarchal, monolithic, ancient and violent practices and beliefs on everyone in the society. 2Mime

1Rakshitha dance

3China Lamp



Condemning the various acts of violence against women in the name of “morality” and “Indian culture”, -especially in the saffron regime- the youngsters, with Ms Geetha Menon, Ms Akai, 1Rakshitha danceand other staged a mime depicting various facets of violence against women – in the name of religion, culture, values, etc.

While Rakshita danced to a film number, her friend Akai launched the CAIP.
Lingaraj sang a Kannada song which said ‘if I were a tree, I would not ask you your origins (kula) before you (bird) built your nest on me’

The students wound up the launch with a pledge to respect women and treat everyone equally irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, origin, sex, and orientation.