The shame of our country

Many of my country worship women as goddesses, Devi. And then, rape them.

Arifa, an 8-yr old child in Kashmir’s Kathua was kidnapped, drugged, kept in a temple, gang raped for seven days, and finally killed by some men.

These men have a religion. They betrayed it when they took procession in support of the rapists, and shouted Jai Sri Ram.

The Hindu Ekta Manch, another of the many groups of the poisonous sangh pativar, destroying our country, had taken the lead in obstructing justice for Arifa. It happens that Arifa was born as a human being and a girl, but on a Muslim home. That’s the only fault.

Since the ministers and party workers of the ruling alliance in Jammu &Kashmir, BJP, are the accused in this heinous crime, the Hindu extremist organisation came in open support of the accused. Lawyers blocked filing of FIR against the accused. Ministers made nasty remarks against the victim and defended the rapists in the Assembly. The State government, led by a woman, with the support of the communal BJP, forgot that she was a human being and a woman. She also forgot that she was elected and had pledged to protect the citizens.

In another corner of they country, the most populous state Uttar Pradesh has once again proved why that is a goonda raj, and why it elected an unfit fake religious priest as its Chief minister. Another 17 year old girl was gang raped brutally by an elected MLA Kulbhushan Sengora. The crime was hidden for nearly a year. When she lodged a complaint, the police of the lawless state refused to lodged an FIR.

finally, the victim tried committing suicide in front of the incompetent Chief minister. That’s when the crime came to light.

The police were quick to act – against the victim’s father. They arrested him after the MLA’s brother best him up black and blue, for demanding justice against the political neta. Finally, the man was killed in police custody.

BJP leaders, including its most vocal women leaders, went to town defending the crime and the criminal. Our most vocal, obsessively talkative prime minister of Gujarat notoriety, maimed maintained a strategic silence. We saw that he had not list his speech ability. But he likes not speak when his own partymen violate Human Rights against any dalit, tribal minority or woman. So this was expected of a man wedded to power and anti minority and anti dalit sentiment.

It’s nice to see the two children have united they country around human Rights.

I only hope that the fight sees its logical end.


SSLC results on May 7

The results of the Karnataka State schools board, 10th standard, will be announced on 7th May.

The students who have sat the exams this March could hope to know the fruits of their sweat and toil by the first week of next month.

Media credibility – the lost case

In a materialist age, what space does media have? Rather, what credibility does media have?

Looking at the way our news media function, people lose faith in institutions.

Media is one such bundle is platforms which has lost it big time. Especially with the right wing communal politics taking the centre stage, and media playing directly into the hands of these motivated politicians, media has suffered massive blow, so much so, even the less communal, more serious and professional media houses have taken a huge body blow.

In this age, how do you encourage people to read and watch news outlets? How do you encourage youngsters to take to journalism?

Credit largely to the likes of Arnab Goswamy, his Times Now, republic and all other noisy channels.

Rains in Bengaluru in March

It is March of 2018, and Bengaluru was just getting hotter and hotter, even as we were cursing the rising heat of Bengaluru. And suddenly it started raining.

It started drizzling very mildly on Wednesday; then on Thursday it drizzled again; just a little bit.

Today on Friday evening, I had gone out for a walk to Residence Road and Brigade Road. And was badly caught in the rain. What a heavy rain! It started at around 6.30pm, and is still going on at 11.45pm! Good for Bengaluru, but the poor will suffer tonight! Roads are flowing non-stop!

Two day workshop

Two days of meeting on Apostolic Discernment on Universal Preferences of the Society. About 30 of us – both superiors of communities and coordinators of commissions.

The first day was a waste of time. There was no clarity, no purposefulness. Some talks on modules and models and processes. But without specific instructions to work out modules. That is after giving us one model! And then there was no material to work out even a mock model.

Never mind!

The second day started with a contemplation – it filled in that fire for the universal good and universal work on a pointed scale. And later it was followed by a workshop to work out our own preferences at the international level. And the entire group easily came up with the preferences.

BIFFes10 and the cinematic confusion

It’s the penultimate day of Bangalore International Film Festival10. And I expected they festival authorities to learn from their mistakes. But learning is a difficult job. And our film festival officials are no exception.

Even on the seventh day of that festival there prevailed some solid confusion. Films scheduled for screenings are changed without any Information. So are their timings. And those who plan their viewings are put to inconvenience.

I thought Biffed is better and worth over Indian International Film Festival, Goa which is India’s flagship film event, wrought in chaos. I have stopped going to IFFI, Goa.

But, it looks even BIFFes is slowly veering along those lines. That will be sad.

I want an impeccable film festival held in Nama Bengali.

Mahashivratri vigil for a safe India

It’s that Hindu festival when many a devout Hindu keeps a religious fast and a nightlong vigil praying. And I fondly greet them on this Mahashivaratri (variously spelled as maha shiva ratri, maha shivrathri, etc) – the great night of Lord Shiva.

This year, as India braces itself for five different state elections (including one in the southern state of Karnataka), a year before the General Election to the Parliament, many Indians are keeping a fast and a vigil, not for any of their private needs, but for that ultimate spiritual-temporal need: a safe, harmonious India.

After they voted in an ambitious despot in 2014, believing in the hollow promises of depositing Rs. 1.5 million in every Indian’s bank account, the Modi-Jaitlie-Shah regime robbed most Indans of their hard earned money – on two major occasions: cruel demonitisation and shameless GST. The huge cache of black money -the source of promised Rs. 1.5 million- is still lying there in those foreign banks; they have only relieved of our hard-earned cash, and hit us hard in our stomachs, so that we hunger no more!

The Tsar who changes his  clothes three time a day, promised us 20 million jobs; but he has successfully robbed us our own jobs – about 20 million jobs every year since 2015, so that we don’t need to work anymore, don’t need to eat and deplete the earth. Noble intentions!

The big talker & his gang promised us everyone’s progress – “sabka sath, sabka vikas”; sure, they have ensured multi-billionnaires like Ambani and Adani prosper. Ambani, for example,  has now launched the biggest telecom company of the country Jio! It has control of our all our life and data- with the pernicious, bio-mitric containing Aadhaar card! May be one exception to this corporate progress: Shah’s son Jay, who invested Rs. 50,000 thousand, miraculously multiplied his wealth 16,000 times to Rs. 800 million (80 crores), only in THREE MONTHS! That has made all of us believe in miracles; that has made us not lose hope, only if we too were to have that political clout.

Everyone’s progress? Yes, everyone of the goons who wields clubs and rods in the name of ‘cows’ has become fearless; they know they can enter anyone’s house and check for refrigerators and call any meat therein as “cow” and lynch the household people.

Now everyone knows to survive all that you need is a Ram Temple in Ayodhya, and you will have no hunger, no thirst, no needs.

Woe to you if are a dalit (Scheduled caste), a tribal, minority, woman, or a broad minded citizen! Your ‘acche din’ (good days) are assured – like our own journalist Gauri Lankesh, rationalist Dhabolkar, left wing Govind Pansare, and writer Kalburgi, who are murdered in cold blood and day light/ twilight! Sad for you, if you are a student who thinks independenlty and critially – you will be jailed and incarcerated.

All that you need to do is shout some nationalist slogans, however hollow they are; just equate one megalomaniac with the “nation”; or else, you will be termed ‘anti-nationalist’ and killed. Well, in the notorious trio’s democracy, the only thing you have to do is incense the fake nationalists, and lick the megalomaniac’s boots. You don’t need dignity, because the other flies abroad on your taxes, on an average four times a months and for four days each, and changes his clothes three times a day (down from five times a day!), wears those self-named clothes evincing a serious disease, and take selfies with journalists and occasionally with some youth – there are paid IT-soldiers to send the tweets and videos viral. And we live! Happily, ever afer!

The the ony time you wait for the obsessive talker to keep quiet is violate some human/ Constitutional rights; and he goes mum for weeks! Or else, he keeps talking and talking and talking; no end! A truly prosperous country full of promises and talk!

On this holy day/ night of Mahashivratri, like my many Indian brothers and sisters, I also pray for my dear country – for prosperity, peace and the working of the Constitution of India, before it is changed by the unelected rulers of Nagpur.

Bengaluru LitFest

It was the first time that I was attending an English Liteary Festival. It’s a nice ambience – people discussing and sharing their thoughts and opinions and experiences in different places. There is a celebratory mood. And plenty to eat and drink,  if you have money and time. [Pic: Bit coin and crypto currency- Cell photo] Lit Fest IMAG0002

The only downside was poor turn out. Today there were good many people. Some of my students told me yesterday the discussion halls were near empty! may be people have other things to do! More important.

Among the books, I saw plenty of new volumes – many and varied. I, with my friends, bought about nearly Rs. 8,000 worth books. Ramachandra Guha and Shashi Tharoor and Prety Tanuja and others.

Harvard scholar Sooraj Yengde educates SJC

It was an educative day at St Joseph’s College Autonomous Bengaluru. The young Harvard scholar Dr Sooraj Yengde, the first Indian with African – Indian studies (intersecting caste and race), addressed students and faculty on India for Diversity.

The well-attended lecture focused on the plight of dalits, tribals, and minorities, and with a special focus on women of these communities. His oft-repeated question was, if this was democracy, how can it be democracy?

Dr Yengde analysed in details India’s education sector (schools, colleges, institutes of national importance and universities. What is the percentage of various subgroups within the Indian society? And what is their representation in jobs of a arietyv of kinds. Of all the spheres of public service like education, politics, executive, judiciary, and media, the media shows that there is  no place of dalits and tribals.