Shooting Stars

May 2012.
Shooting Stars – 2012 was well conducted – with 12 entries; participants winning five awards.
Shooting Stars – 2011 was cancelled at the last moment.
Shooting Stars-2010 – was a big success, with 35 entries from students across the coutnry – North, South, East and West!
03 Jan. 10. Shooting Stars -2010 is going global. From this year on Shooting Stars – students short film making competition is international. There has been a keen interest evinced by international students from Europe and Asia to participate. Hence, we throw open the contest to the international students.
Any student from anywhere this world can participate in this students’ contest. But this is restricted only to College/ University students (institutions of higher education offering either bachelors or masters). The students must send their bona fides as students of a particular institution of higher education, along with their films.
31 Oct 09. Shooting stars 2010 is a national level student short film making competition. This year it will be conducted on 30 January 2010. Entries should be submitted to St. Aloysius College, Department of Mass Communication by 21 December 2009.

This competition is open to all students studying in UG or PG. The films and documentaries should not exceed 10 min duration. Cash prizes are given for three categories.

– Best Konkani film
– Best Short Film
– Best Documentary film

Short film and documentary film done in any language other than English must have subtitles in English. Technical crew should be small. There is also a nominal entry fee.

Shooting stars was launched in 2005 by Richard Rego SJ, (Director of Community Radio Sarang 107.8 MHz and HOD of MCMS). It is an ambitious project of the Dept of Mass Communication and Journalism, St Aloysius College, Mangalore. It provides a forum -opportunity, infrastructure, support, encouragement, and publicity- to young wanna-be-student-filmmakers.

For More Details you can visit
Contact Numbers:
Richard Rego SJ – 9448546425

21 Oct. Dept of Mass Communication (PG – MCMS) in association with the Dept of Journalism (UG) planning the Shooting Stars – 2010.
What’s more, this time not just Shooting Stars, but also a high voltage, national scale Media Fest!
Get going – the event is scheduled for January last week.

15 Aug. 2009. There is quite a bit of activity in this page. It only shows the interest people have been showing in Shooting Stars!


We will be back soon. Within a few days, we will back with the latest on this much awaited students’ short film making competition and film festival.


12 Oct. “Shooting Stars” is back. The students short filmmaking competition and film festival is back. This time it is at the national level. It is SHOOTING STARS-2009.

Dept of Mass Communication at St Aloysius College offers both undergraduate and post graduate programms in mass communication. Since this year Shooting Stars is organised by the Post Graduate department of Mass Communication, we would like to involve all the students of undergraduate and post graduate disciplines (ANY subject ranging from language and literature to science and computers and commerce and business administration to hotel management & tourism …) in this prestigious and most awaited media events around.

So if you are a student, do crack your brains. Get your concept clear. And get set go….


1. Your entry can be either a short documentary film or a short fiction

2. It can be based on ANY THEME.

3. Duration: should not exceed 10 minutes

4. Vulgarity, obscenity or glorification of violence will not be entertained

5. Language: in ANY language! Shorts other than in English language should have English sub-titles.

6. Konkani films will have a separate category. Hence you could send in entries in a this special category.

7. Technical crew of the film shall not exceed members (the main team; assistants and artists can be any number)

8. A team can send in any number of entries. Registration feel will be Rs. 300/entry

9. Registration fee should be sent in DD form in favour of THE PRINCIPAL, ST ALOYSIUS COLLEGE, MANGALORE; and should be addressed to the Head, Dept of Mass Communication, St Aloysius College, Mangalore.

10. THREE DVD copies of each film should be sent to the organisers by courier.

10. Last date to reach your entry: 31 December 2008

11. There are  two CASH PRIZES for the BEST FILM in general category and BEST KONKANI FILM

12.  The crew of the films selected for the final round will be intimated by email/ phone before the festival

13. “Bonafide letter” duly signed by the head of the institution, certifying the names of participating crew as the students of the particular college/ university/ department should be sent along with the entries.

For further details contact:

Richard Rego SJ, Head, Dept of Mass Communication; 0-9448-5464-25 (richiersj @yahoo. com)

Saranya Valsarajan                                                                   0-9902-5188-53

Sajna Aravind                                                                           0-9945-4806-28

Sangeetha Gopi                                                                        0-9945-9231-25

OR visit us at:

[If you e-mail to us, please TYPE in the given email ID; not just copy & paste!

[Also, in the subjectline, please mention the reference: shooting stars]


29 Dec. It is “Shooting Time” again. Shooting Stars – 2008 is back with a big bang. The third edition of this short film making competition and film festival is finalised. Soon you will have the details displayed on this blog as well as besides many other sites and newspapers.

The short film making competition is open to all the college going students of any stream and discipline from any college across the country. Thus we go nation-wide. What’s more, this time, there are cash prizes.

So, get ready for a whale of a cinematic times. Scratch your grey cells, put a little team together, a concept and develop it as nicely as you can. And you have a short film (5-10 minutes duration).

Along with the Shooting Stars 2008, we will also have a 3-day national level UGC sponsored workshop on Cinematography. Only a few seats are there for taking. Please register yourself. Once again, it is meant for undergraduate students.

Please register yourself, at the earliest. You will enjoy this. Your board and lodge will be arranged.

We will be using 3-CCD digital cameras to train you. What’s more – we will have experts from the field. So, hurry up, even if you don’t get an invitation, you can email and check your chances. The farther away you from Mangalore, the better for you… mail me at <>

22 Feb: Even Semester, II internals and reexams for II & III Yrs will commence on 26th. Those days, for three days, no classes.

Shooting Stars: surprise surprise!

Then comes degree day.

College Day (9)

Classes close for II & III Yrs.

17th – classes close for I Yrs.

College day

13 Feb 2007: Shooting Stars 2007- is on the cards.

1. Get ready for 2 March – a special day for the Technical & support crew of the films.

Time: 12 pm, Teletorium.

There will be a short press conference for the filmmakers, followed by screenings and a modest treat…

2. Shooting Stars 07- for public & families of film makers, with results announced on 3 March 07, at 1 pm, in the Xavier Block Auditorium. Winners trophy will be awarded then. Keep your fingers crossed.

Shooting Stars – 2007 film submission dates have been postponed to 29 January due to examinations.

Shooting Stars is an ambitious project of the Dept of Journalism, St Aloysius College, Mangalore.

It provides a forum -opportunity, infrastructure, support, encouragement, and publicity- to young wanna-be-student-filmmakers.

The Competition of Short Films (5-10 minutes of duration) – registration to be done before 15 December 2007.

Competition will be followed by high voltage short film festival.

A team can register ANY NUMBER OF (but based on the BROAD THEME of the competition.

A team can consist of any number of people, preferably 2-5 (but it is upto YOU)

Non-Journalism students can also team up with Journalism students for assistance-sake.

For more info on Shooting Stars, please visit our post on 3 November, or search for ”

Shooting Stars” in the search bar.

Launched in 2005 (Shootings Stars-2006), the Short Fi lm competition and festival created headlines at the national level. An electrifying atmosphere was created at SAC and around!

19 Mar. ’10. 62 + 19 = 81 short films, since Shooting Stars was begun! Terrific output.
Year 2010 (January) saw the biggest turn out for Shooting Stars.
3 Aug. The Department of Mass Communication is planning for a Film Making Workshop. Sometime in December – January. May be  a short one.

We would like to use regular softwares plus professional cameras and editing suite like FCP.

What do you think? Will this interest you? Get back to me.


Blog updated

Dept of Journalism Movies since Dec ’05 to Feb ’08 (updated on 20 Mar 08)

The Following 12 short films are made for the Short Film Making Competition for the Students. They range from 5 minutes to 11 minutes.

50. The Way it Goes (SDM College Ujire – Rajeev & team)

49. Wheels of Change(Sindhu MV, Mahima, Shyamala,  Vineetha)

48. Meeting Destiny (Lawrence F. & Sangeetha D)

47. Jyothi(Amritha  & Aneesha Kodial)

46. The Border Line(Thiranjala & team)

45. Mhozo Gaanv(Loyan, Alwyn, Aviston & team)

44. Lost Sight(Sandhya D’Souza & Harsha Raj)

43. Amma(Jerin Chandan & team)

42. Flutter(Dwiteeya, Neetha, & Lakshmi)

41. Namma Halliyata (by Harry Terry & team)

40.  Bekal – Legendary Unviling (documentary)

39. . Love Marriage (Alwyn, Loyan, Aviston & team)

38. Darpana – the Mirror of Life (Eng) [for Shooting Stars 2007]37. I Am Not An Island (Eng) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

36. Who Is A True Friend (Eng) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

35. Just Another Day (Eng) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

34. The Roll of the Role (Eng) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

33. Life is Beautiful (Eng) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

32. Sankalp (Determination, Hindi with EST) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

31. Naanu (Myself, Kannada with EST) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

30. Jivith (Life, Konkani with EST) [for Shooting Stars 2007]

29. Bhramid (Illusion, Konkani with EST) [on drug-alcohol abuse, for Shooting Stars 2007]

  1. A Day Out in the Sea – Trawler Fishing (Workshop Outcome)
  2. Everybody Says Nobody Does – (Workshop Outcome)
  3. Conflict Zones (Workshop Outcome)
  4. Where’s the Road (Workshop Outcome)
  5. AlCaNa – Association Documentary
  6. Aloysius Boy’s Home – Annual Day Celebration
  7. Beneath the Shades (Al-Katte by Anjana George)
  8. Black Curtain (Health Video)
  9. Chikungunya (Health Video)
  10. Know Malaria No to Malaria (Health Video)
  11. Elections 06 – 07 (News-Docu of SAC Student Elections)
  12. Saamprathi – MSW Fest
  13. Shayad (Sachin Crasto, B.Com – III)
  14. Peek-a-boo – Look Into My life (Vineetha B)
  15. What – We Have All That (Vineetha & Sindhu)
  16. Late Entry (Shooting Stars 2006)
  17. Deja-vu (Shooting Stars 2006)
  18. AEIOU – An Effort In Our Unity (Shooting Stars 2006, III Prize)
  19. Frens (Shooting Stars 2006)
  20. Abyss (Shooting Stars 2006 – II Prize)
  21. For Whom It Rings? (Shooting Stars 2006- I Prize)
  22. Aastha (Shooting Stars 2006)
  23. It Shines And It Burns (Abrar Khan & Arron Menezes)
  24. The Beginning Of the End (Abrar Khan)
  25. Quit Malaria – Save Life (MSW Project)
  26. Astro Club (Association Documentary)
  27. Ordination – 27 December 2005 (Ordination)
  28. Taboo (Shooting Stars 2006)

(Want to know more about these films? Contact us at or


Mr P N Ramachandra, from MumbaiFilms @ SAC

Dept of Journalism and Al Madhyam, its media forum SAC, speak cinematic language, a language that is understood by billions of people. Thus we attempt to contribute our mite to the training of our students and the public in film appreciation and film culture.

Here is the newest initiative: Suddha. Please “Search” for Suddha in the ‘search’ panel in the right column of this blog. Come along with you friends to watch this good movie.

We have many more films waiting for you

Soon we will be announcing our short documentary films festival – of films made during the Documentary Filmmaking Workshop in October. P N Ramachandra himself was around to train the young filmmakers.

Then, there is “Shooting Stars” in progress. Once again, you can click on panel for Shooting Stars 2007 or ‘search’ in the search panel.

There is something very exciting, too, round the corner. We will announce it soon.


6 thoughts on “Shooting Stars

  1. hello sir… i am frm hyd i need to know abt the next documentary film competition an your St Aloysius College, Mangalore.
    plz help us out n let us know when are the comp. reply me soon…..

  2. hello sir….
    we are frm hyd n we needed to know when is your next documentary film competition… plz let me know abt it as soon as possible .. k thanq

  3. It will announced sometime in Sept-October. If you keep visiting this site, you will get the details. Usually, that is the timing of the competition. TC

  4. The last date to submit the film is 21st December 2009 (this year); festival will be in the following month (2010 Jan).

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