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Modi in Power & the dying light of freedom

From the Indian Express:

Alliance Lead Won
UPA 0 59
NDA 0 336
Others 0 134
LEFT 0 11
IND 0 3
Total 0 543
Party Lead Won 2009
INC 0 44 206
BJP 0 282 116
AAP 0 4 0
BSP 0 0 21
Others 0 213 200
Total 0 543 543
Party Lead Won 2009
INC 0 2 21
BJP 0 71 10
SP 0 5 23
BSP 0 0 20
Others 0 2 6
Total 0 80 80
Party Lead Won 2009
INC 0 2 17
BJP 0 23 9
SHS 0 18 11
NCP 0 0 8
Others 0 1 3
Total 0 48 48
Party Lead Won 2009
INC 0 2 33
BJP 0 3 0
TDP 0 16 6
TRS 0 11 2
Others 0 10 1
Total 0 42 42
Party Lead Won 2009
INC 0 4 6
BJP 0 2 1
AITC 0 34 19
CPI(M) 0 2 9
Others 0 0 7

The dying light of freedom

by Mani Shankar Aiyar 

Darkness descends. The idea of India gutters. The light that lit our freedom struggle and so defined the nature of our nationhood is going out.  Continue reading Modi in Power & the dying light of freedom

Indian Parliamentary Election and Narendra

16 May. It is a sad day. When the entire RSS’ Sangh Parivar rejoices over the massive electoral victory of the BJP, the poor, minorities, Scheduled Castes and Tribes and all those with longing for a secular India are disappointed at the turn of events. BJP’s and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s victory was not expected.

The right-wing Hindu organisation, RSS, mobilised  Continue reading Indian Parliamentary Election and Narendra

Why 17 April may spell gloom for the prospects of a Modi wave

                                                                      By Ajit Sahi

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is on a roll. A smattering of opinion polls has forecast a mammoth win for it in the ongoing Lok Sabha election. If that happens, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) would return to power in New Delhi next month after a gap of ten years. It is claimed that the BJP’s prime ministerial nominee, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, has so electrified the hundreds of millions with his promise of great governance that the incumbent Congress party-led government at the Centre would be ground to dust and blown off. The prophecy may well turn out correct, for who knows what lies in the future? But to make their living, middlebrow analysts such as this writer, who are endowed with neither clairvoyance nor the telepathic vision that can spot metaphorical waves, must stick to the humdrum of past electoral records. In the BJP’s case, that data doesn’t inspire much confidence in the 121 seats that voted on April 17 in the largest of the nine phases of the Lok Sabha elections. The NDA must win in Karnataka, where all 28 Lok Sabha seats voted on 17 April, as well as in Rajasthan, where 20 of 25 seats polled that day, Maharashtra (19 of 48 seats), Uttar Pradesh (11 of 80 seats), Odisha (11 of 21), Madhya Pradesh (10 of 29), Bihar (seven of 40), Jharkhand (six of 14), West Bengal (four of 42), and Chhattisgarh (three of 11). But vote shares in past elections suggest the NDA is on weak ground in the 17 April seats of at least UP, Karnataka and Bihar. Karnataka Routed in the 2013 assembly elections after ruling it for five years, the BJP believes former chief minister-turned-rebel BS Yeddyurappa’s return to it has put it back in the reckoning for the Lok Sabha. Much before scams in mine sales led to his downfall, BSY had scripted the BJP’s maiden assembly win in 2008 and also its triumph in 19 of the state’s 28 Lok Sabha seats a year later. Narendra Modi at a rally. AFP. Such had been his grip over Karnataka in 2009 that the  Continue reading Why 17 April may spell gloom for the prospects of a Modi wave

“I am Narendra Modi’s Wife”


In a poor village, the woman who is believed to be the estranged wife of the most powerful man in Gujarat lives in a one-room home 

“I will not say anything against my husband. He is very powerful. This job is all I have to survive. I am afraid of the consequences” (Photo: SHOME BASU)

“I will not say anything against my husband. He is very powerful. This job is all I have to survive. I am afraid of the consequences” (Photo: SHOME BASU)

She is clad in an ill-fitting blouse and a mod­est printed sari. Somewhat stooped, her face is wrinkled, her hands have obviously seen hard times and her hair is pulled back in a tight bun, making her look severe. Dirt grips the cracks of her slipper-clad feet. She could have been any woman in Rajosana village, Gujarat. But then, she is Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi. Everyone in this village knows her as Narendra Modi’s wife.

After the post-Godhra Gujarat riots, Modi’s po­litical foes 

Continue reading “I am Narendra Modi’s Wife”

Development Doublespeak

08 Oct.

                                   The dirt on Gujarat development model

by, Sitaram Yechury, Hindustan Times

The RSS/BJP had perfected the art of double speak long ago. It’s not rare to find the same leader speaking in contradictory terms. During the 1990s, while leading the infamous rath yatra that left behind a trail of mayhem and communal bloodshed, the precursor to the demolition of the Babri Masjid, LK Advani called for a debate on secularism.

Recently, the RSS/BJP prime ministerial candidate, who presided over the 2002 communal carnage in Gujarat, thundered in Delhi — “Pahale shauchalaya, phir devalaya (build toilets before you build temples)”. He was echoing a similar comment  Continue reading Development Doublespeak

Open letter from a political scientist & academician to Narendra Modi

11 Aug. Sanjiv Bhat, is an Indian Police Service officer, who served as Inspector General of Police in Gujarat under its Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Later he exposed the chief minister for his role in the carnage of Muslims in February – Marchc 2002. The Chief Minister, in stead of coming clean on the allegations by a senior police official, punished him by suspending. But the IPS officer has been fighting his battle in courts. Here is an open letter by him to the man who punished the honest police official:

An open letter from a leading political scientist and academician to the ‘Hindu Nationalist’, Chief Minister of Gujarat.

I hope you are fine. While talking to two Reuters journalists, Ross Colvin and Sruthi Gottipati, on July 12, 2013, you identified yourself as a ‘Hindu Nationalist’ and credited the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for instilling in you, spirit “(to be a) patriot. Whatever work you do, you think are you doing this for the good of the nation? That’s the basic training. The other basic training is discipline. Your life  Continue reading Open letter from a political scientist & academician to Narendra Modi