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19 June. It was expected with the BJP coming to power. And it is happening! Now face it for the price of it! 

This is not the first time. On the day Modi’s victory rally was taken in Mangalore, two mosques were attacked. On the next day, two more churches in Mangalore-Udupi were attacked. And now in Chattishgarh. 

Constitutional, secular, and democratic, fibre of India is changing fast; this time in the name of “democracy”!

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Christians attacked, hospitalized in Chhattisgarh 

Bastar district

New Delhi: Ten Christians have been hospitalized in Chhattisgarh after they were attacked by suspected Hindu radicals, according to information reaching the national capital.

The All India Christian Council (AICC) Thursday announced that the ecumenical lay organization is conducting an independent probe into the incident that occurred the previous day in a village in Bastar district.

The council received a message from Debendra Singh, a pastor of Apostolic Christian Assembly based at Odisha’s Jeypore, that the Christians were attacked in Nabadiguda, a village some 40 km from Jagdalpur. He said a group of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh activists from the same village attacked the Christians.

The victims have been admitted to Jagdalpur Government Hospital where the condition of four was stated to be serious requiring special care.

According to the pastor, the RSS group had demanded that the Christians convert back to Hinduism that the victims refused. The Hindu radicals had earlier allegedly taken away the Christians’ ration cards and asked them to leave the village.

Singh quoted another pastor based in Chhattisgarh that four persons were severely injured. “Since they are poor, the patients are not able to move to better hospital,” his note to AICC said.



Of Opinion Polls and Exit Polls

13 May. Opinion and Exit Polls have been strange fellows in Indian media scenario. Whereas, the American media has often got it right their prediction, Indian media has always struggled to understand the electoral behaviour of it electorate. Hence, not once has it come closer to predicting the outcomes of any election.

This time, also, the trend seems to be on the expected lines. Just before the General Elections started in April 2014, the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh (Telengana and Seemandhra), had elections to its local bodies like Corporations and Municipalities. The Supreme Court of India blocked the announcement of the results, till after the General Elections got over on 12 May 2014. 

Now that the elections to the Indian Parliament are over, the Indian media houses started with the Exit Polls, predicting a huge victory for the Congress and Jagan’s YSRC. And now, the actual results are out: The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has done exceedingly well, beating Jagan’s YSRC and TRS black and blue! Wither Exit Polls!?

Just imagine, what will can happen to the Exit polls vis-a-vis the actual results of the Lok Sabha polls, when they are declared on 16 May 2014?  Most media houses have given a clear edge to Modi-led NDA and disaster for cong-led UPA.


Will it happen that way or will the Indian electorate defy the bought-media? Chance of such defiance are very high, in favour of Indian poor voters!


Now Modi govt gets it from CAG for Rs 16,707 cr scam

K Shah in Gandhinagar

The Comptroller and Auditor General’s reports on the scams under the watch of the UPA government at the Centre are being celebrated by the BJP, but when the auditor indicts the government of its blue-eyed boy in Gujarat, the party is strangely silent. K Shah reports from Gandhinagar

The Narendra Modi government in Gujarat came under the scanner of the Comptroller and Auditor General, which slammed it while detecting massive financial irregularities crossing over Rs 16,706.99 crore (Rs 167.07 billion) in its latest report which the Modi administration deliberately tried to dodge and ultimately tabled it on Friday in the House — the last day of the assembly session.

When the report was tabled in the House, the entire Opposition was suspended from the proceedings in order to avoid discussion on the irregularities for which the statutory auditor has indicted the administration.

“Nowhere in the history of Gujarat has the CAG ever made such strong observations thereby establishing that the Modi government was indulging in unfair and corrupt means. As per the norm, the CAG report is supposed to be tabled at the beginning of the Budget session,” said state Leader of Opposition Shaktisinh Gohil.
Few high points of the Modi government’s corruption as exposed by the CAG report:

Chief Minister’s favourite Blue Chip company Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation has turned out to be an epicentre of corruption during Modi’s tenure.

The CAG has observed that the company has suffered huge financial losses due to cost overrun at KG basin block where production has not commenced even after spending over Rs 7,000 crore (Rs 70 billion).

The CAG has observed that GSPC, with its consortium, submitted a bid for acquiring the KG block “without properly assessing related technical and financial issues.”

As a result, it said, against the estimated drilling cost of $102.23 million and the total depth committed of 45,348 metres in the minimum work programme, the actual drilling cost incurred was $1302.88 million (Rs 5,920.27 crore) and the total depth drilled was of 77,395.07 metres.

“Way back in 2005, this propagandist chief minister had hastily announced that GSPC’s KG basin block contained gas reserves over 20 TCF and production would begin within two years. Now, it stands established as the DGH (director general, hydro carbon) has certified that the KG basin block does not have more than 2 TCF gas reserves,” Gohil said quoting the CAG report.
Besides irregularities and cost overrun at KG basin project, the auditor has also noted that GSPC has suffered financial losses in gas trading activities on account of undue favours extended to Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s most favoured industrial house, the Adani group.

‘During 2006-09, GSPC sold gas to Adani group at a price which was much lower than its purchase price. This incurred loss of Rs 70.5 crore (Rs 705 million),’ stated the report.

According to Gohil, the Adani group has consistently been doled out over 5. 84 crore sq m of precious coastal land at a paltry rate ranging from Re 1 to Rs 32 at Mundra in Kutch.

The audit report for the year ending March 2011 also slammed other public sector units owned by the Gujarat government for financial irregularities to the tune of over Rs 4,000 crore (Rs 40 billion).

The report alleges that Adani Energy received undue advantage of over Rs 71 crore (Rs 710 million).

The Opposition has approached Governor Kamla Beniwal for action following the CAG report.
Gujarat Congress president Arjun Modhwadia confirmed that they will be meeting the governor soon.

He said, “The CAG (report) exposes the Modi government’s corruption, their favouritism to certain industrialists. If Modi was courageous and honest he should not have tabled the report on the last day of the assembly session.”

The state government has, expectedly, dismissed the CAG allegations.

Jaynarayan Vyas, spokeman and Cabinet minister, while defending his government, said, “The CAG report means nothing.” He tried to explain that the CAG report would now go to Public Accounts Committee, and one should not believe what Opposition leaders are saying.

In Gandhinagar, no political leader of the Modi government could explain, “if the CAG is nothing”, then, why at the Centre, the Bharatiya Janata Party is wholly endorsing the CAG’s reports on the Commonwealth Games, 2G spectrum allotment and coal mines allotment that indicts the United Progressive Alliance government.
http://www.rediff.com/news/slide-show/slide-show-1-cag-slams-modi-govt-for-huge-financial-irregularities/20120330.htm Continue reading Now Modi govt gets it from CAG for Rs 16,707 cr scam

Indian Politics of Entertainment

9 Feb. Indian politics never fails to entertain the media. From corruption to violation of human dignity (be it women, children, minorities or anybody else!), from land grabbing to criminalization (outright nexus with mafia), from paid news to paid votes, from throwing chairs & mikes in Parliament/ Assemblies to watching porn in the temple of democracy: Assembly! It’s never boring! At least to our media!
Ministers-caught-red-handed say, they did not do anything wrong! Watching sleaze in the Assembly, (that too when the Assembly is debating serious issues of drought in the state!) is no crime, it seems! Would they apply the same yard stick to ordinary citizens? Or, is the immunity given to elected representatives makes them not deserve our faith and respect? Would an ordinary worker be tolerated if s/he did something similar in his/her office, during office hours? And specially in Vidhana Soudha?
It’s interesting to see politician’s reactions: Kapil Sibal of Congress says, BJP fellows have all sorts of entertainment! Sushma Swaraj of BJP says, she is ashamed that it happened in BJP!!! (with a stress on BJP!), Eswarappa says ‘no question of dismissing from party or Assembly!), culprits say they did not do anything wrong at all!, and the chief minister sets up a committee to investigate, when every evidence is there in front of them (he knows well committees are the easiest way to escape responsibility!)

Now, there is another issue: the media have gone to town saying Gujarat chief minister is seemingly let off the hook by the Special Investigation Team (SIT). Nirmala Seetharam of BJP says wonders what if a mass murderer given legitimacy! She finds no problem with it. Mani Shankar Iyyer of Congress says Sajjan Kumar of Congress is innocent of the massacre of innocent Sikhs, and could be given ticket; but Modi should not be, for the very reason, Nirmala says! Dasgupta (“senior” journalist) says Modi should take “personal credit” for Gujarat’s responsibility. and that is when Teesta (the untiring fighter for justice to victims of Gujarat massacre) intervenes, “Modi should take personal credit for Gujarat’s ‘development’, but not for ‘Gujarat’s mass murder!'” Well said!
In the meantime, -amidst the cross fire- TRPs are expected to go up!

(Karnataka’s) BJP Govt. and Trouble with Minorities

12 Nov. One of my previous post got posted on SAR News. The post was “Whenever BJP Is In Trouble, Churches Become A Target.” It was in the context of recent attacks on Christian symbols -including condemnable attack on St Alphonsa Church- in Dakshina Kannada (more specifically Mangalore).

One by the name Mr Tomas Richard [this is a name to remember] takes exception to my views linking Continue reading (Karnataka’s) BJP Govt. and Trouble with Minorities

Gujarat Investigations and Fight for Justice

18 Mar. Five eye-witnesses have given their statements before the Special Investigation Team testifying to the ghastly incident of Kauserbano‟s womb being slit open and her male foetus being pulled out on a sword. These five are Javed Ismail, Jannatbi, Reshma Saiyed, Khalique Noor and Raziyabano.
Here is a table detailing the same Naroda Patia Continue reading Gujarat Investigations and Fight for Justice